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Criminal Lawyer

Crime is never accepted in society and for that, each state/Country has design own criminal law and system, the criminal justice system encompasses the entire criminal process itself – from investigation and arrest to conviction and sentencing — and the people who play a role in that process.

These include the Complainant, accused, police officers, prosecuting attorneys, bail bonds, criminal defense Lawyers, magistrate judges, witnesses, probation officers, and corrections officers, forensic science, internet technology, etc

At all stages of the criminal process, a person suspected of or charged with a crime are entitled to certain fundamental rights that derive from the Indian Constitutions and key court decisions. These include the right to an advocate and the right to a speedy jury trial. These constitutional rights provide a balance between the government’s interest in ensuring that criminal behavior is identified and punished, and the fundamental need to preserve and promote the individual freedoms that characterize a democratic society. Advocate P M Modi is Criminal Case Lawyer in Ahmedabad offering legal services for criminal case. Advocate P M Modi is a Reputed Advocate in Gujarat dedicated to providing you help in language that you can understand.

Expertise :

As an advocates we have enough experience and we know how to handle the Complainant, accused, police officers, witnesses during the cross examination and also know how to identified weak section of the FIR, Charge Sheet, Investigation Report and entire case facts, as a procedure People who are found to have violated a criminal statute whether through their own admission by a “guilty” plea, or as a result of a jury trial can be punished through the imposition of fines, imprisonment, probation, and community service, among other penalties. But in all situation our best lawyers are handling the matter and due to good experience we have proven records of some benchmark cases

Offer :

As a law firm we are offering legal services for entire case handling as well as Bail –parole Application for different types of crime like financial Fraud, Property cheating Murder prohibition PASA NDPS cyber crime and other lots of crime.

Result or Benefits :

Our clients will get good services from specialized lawyer and Councilors, will get good guidance as well as result oriented based efforts and thus our good lawyer may be able to negotiate a compromise with the prosecution for a less severe sentence for a particular person charged with a crime. An experienced our criminal lawyer can give you the best options for your case and defend you at trial