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Opportunity to work with Advocate Paresh M Modi

Don’t miss this fantastic and rewarding opportunity to collaborate and learn from Advocate Paresh M Modi, a highly esteemed and accomplished legal expert with a proven track record of success, who can offer invaluable insights and mentorship to help you advance in your legal career!

Welcome to Law Internship with Advocate Paresh M Modi

About Advocate Paresh M Modi

With over 7 years of experience in various legal fields, Advocate Paresh M Modi is a distinguished name in the legal community of Ahmedabad. His expertise spans across civil, criminal, corporate, and cyber law. Known for his dedication, thorough knowledge, and ethical practice, Advocate Modi has successfully handled numerous high-profile cases and has earned a reputation for his unwavering commitment to justice.


 Internship Program Overview

The Law Internship Program with Advocate Paresh M Modi is designed to provide aspiring lawyers with comprehensive, hands-on experience in the legal field. This program aims to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and practical application, preparing interns for a successful legal career.


What You’ll Gain

– Practical Experience: Work directly on real cases under the guidance of Advocate Modi, gaining insights into courtroom procedures, legal research, and client interactions.

– Mentorship: Receive personalized mentorship from Advocate Modi and his team, benefiting from their vast experience and expertise.

– Skill Development: Enhance your legal writing, research, and advocacy skills through practical assignments and courtroom exposure.

– Networking: Build a professional network by interacting with experienced lawyers, clients, and other legal professionals.

Internship Responsibilities

As an intern, you will:

– Assist in legal research and drafting legal documents.

– Observe and participate in court proceedings.

– Help in preparing case files and organizing evidence.

– Participate in client meetings and understand the intricacies of client management.

– Support in administrative tasks related to case management and office operations.

Top Law firm for Internship in Ahmedabad | 9925002031 | Law internship in Ahmedabad Gujarat | Advocate Paresh M Modi

Eligibility Criteria

– Education: Currently enrolled in or recently graduated from a recognized law school.

– Skills: Strong research, writing, and communication skills.

– Interest: A keen interest in civil, criminal, corporate, or cyber law.

How to Apply

To apply for the Law Internship Program with Advocate Paresh M Modi, please submit the following documents:

– Updated Resume

– Cover Letter detailing your interest and what you hope to gain from the internship

– Academic Transcripts

– Letters of Recommendation (optional but preferred)

Embark on a rewarding journey into the legal profession with Advocate Paresh M Modi. Gain unparalleled experience and mentorship that will shape your future as a competent and ethical lawyer. Apply today!

You may WhatsApp sms on his personal mobile number “9925002031”

Author: Advocate Paresh M Modi

As a law firm, Advocate Paresh M Modi is having a team of expert Advocates who provide expert advice and guide the clients on the complicated issues of court proceedings in India. Our law firm has been advising clients to adopt a systematic approach as per the provisions of the law and the requirements of the statute. Being the Best Advocate in Ahmedabad, Advocate Paresh M Modi has been serving the clients according to the provisions of law as Advocate Paresh M Modi is an Experienced Lawyer in Gujarat.Paresh M Modi and his associates have been rendering excellent work owing to their experience in Gujarat High Court for more than 7 years together and having established themselves as a seasoned advocate in the High Court of Gujarat by dealing with various matters in a different fields. It has been made possible to see that the client in any corner of the State of Gujarat could get genuine legal advice and the presence of a lawyer on account of the association with Advocates in various cities of the State of Gujarat.

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