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Arbitration Advocate in Ahmedabad Gujarat | 9925002031 | Civil Lawyer In Ahmedabad Gujarat | Advocate Paresh M Modi

Civil Lawyer In Ahmedabad Gujarat | Arbitration Advocate in Ahmedabad Gujarat | 9925002031 | Advocate Paresh M Modi

Civil law is a wide law, in simple terms which is not criminal law, is civil law, majorly the litigation comes from the property either movable or immovable. Property Lawyers or Civil lawyers are commonly known as a litigator.

A Civil lawyer is hired by a client to pursue or defend a civil lawsuit / Property Dispute / Possession Issues / Landlord-Tenant Dispute / Basic Rights of Air water and electricity / Personal Injuries / Compensation / Profit and Loss Dispute, etc.

Arbitration Act Lawyer in Ahmedabad Gujarat | 9925002031 | Arbitration and Conciliation Case Advocate in Ahmedabad Gujarat | Advocate Paresh M Modi

Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 is the different Act with different Jurisdiction. Suit may file either in Civil Court or before the Court of Honorable Arbitrator.  A Civil lawsuit can arise in many different areas of law and often concerns the recovery of money (thus you need Bank Lawyer) or movable, immovable property (Need Property Lawyer) or defamation, personal injuries, business-related issues or financial transactions (you need Civil Advocate) Land Revenue Matter SSRD Matter or possession issue (you need Land Revenue Advocate), ownership disputes, rights in Ancestral Property  (you need Property Advocate), Sale deed, Rent Agreement, Lease Deed, Title Clearance and Title Certificate, Search Report, Affidavit, Power of Attorney, Declaration, Undertaking Bond (you need Real Estate Advocate)  landlord-tenant issue (you need Landlord Tenant Advocate) The Real Estate Regulation and Development Act 2016 related matter, Real Estate Regulatory Authority Act 2017, RERA Act Law (Need RERA Advocate). Family Law related issue (Need Family Advocate, Court Marriage Lawyer, Divorce Lawyer, Will Vasiyat Lawyer) immigration law (Need Immigration Lawyer) Succession Certificate and Probate, The Indian Succession Act 192, The Hindu Succession Act 1956 and Provision of Succession and inheritance under Muslim law related matter (Need Succession Act Lawyer) Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 ( Need Arbitration Act Advocate) employment employer issues (you Need Labour and Industrial Lawyer).

Advocate Paresh M Modi, the best lawyer in Ahmedabad Gujarat, helps legalize your case in your favor by explaining the definitions of legal terms and their various meanings in the context of the Civil Procedure Code. Call and Book the Appointment Mobile 9925002031